Court documents released by the Murder Sheet podcast detail a search warrant request made March 17, 2017. Kelsi German has said she considered her younger sister, Libby, to be her best friend. An FBI search warrant served on Logan's home and property dated March 17, 2017, revealed that on February 14, the day after the killings, Logan asked a relative to provide him with a false alibi. Kegan Kline was named by police as the suspect behind the catfish account. He said: 'Law enforcement has not released any of those details or anything beyond what is in the probable cause.'. In August 2020, the perpetrator of the profile was identified as Kegan Anthony Kline of Peru, Indiana. German's sister dropped off the girls at the entrance to the Delphi hiking trail near the Monon High Bridge at 1 p.m during a day off from school. Kelsi German, Libby's older sister, has expressed support forthe app, saying it may"hopefullysolve cases and get arrests for many unsolved cases.. An updated sketch depicted a much younger male suspect. The hosts of "The Murder Sheet" podcast have uncovered a potential break in the 2017 Delphi murders of 14-year-old Libby German and 13-year-old Abby Williams. In February 2020, on the third anniversary of their murders, Kelsi posted this poignant message to her 14,000-plus Twitter followers at @libertyg_sister: Today 3 years ago, she wrote, was my last real day with my best friend and I wish I wouldve done it differently. Yes. The newly released probable cause affidavit also reveals that one of the girls could be heard saying the word 'gun.'. How did Russia lose HALF of its 45,000 elite paratroopers in just seven months? A transcript of a 2020 police interview with Kline is obtained by the podcast "Murder Sheet.". We are no longer accepting comments on this article. They argue that 'the likelihood of a tainted jury pool,' should it be drawn from the girls' and Allen's home county, 'is excessive.'. The Delphi murders have remained unsolved for 8 months now, but after a person of interest Daniel Nations was arrested in Colorado for crimes authorities say share striking similarities to . The victims, according to the warrant, didnt have any defense wounds, but some articles of clothing were taken from them and removed from the scene, while the killer placed the victims bodies in what investigators called a staged manner. In May of 2022, The Murder Sheet Podcast published and affidavit that the Journal & Courier confirmed to be authentic. America's foremost criminal profiler is now giving his insight into the mystery of who killed two Delphi, Indiana, teens. For five years, the murders of 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German have hung over Delphi, ghosts that couldn't be put to rest. ', The lifeless bodies of Libby (left) and Abby (right) were found the day after they went missing, about half a mile from the Monon High Bridge, on property owned by Ronald Logan, Abbie was seen in a Snapchat video posted by her friend Libby in February 2017, moments before both were murdered, The last video taken on their cellphones showed a man in a blue Carhartt jacket and jeans approaching the two teens. He is currently serving life in prison for his St. Louis crime. Their. The two girls went on a hike near the Monon High Bridge on the day that they disappeared. Now the source has revealed that Kline has 'cut a deal with prosecutors.'. Four years later, family says it's 'like it happened yesterday, Possible suspect in Delphi murders been on police radar since the killings, Affidavit links man to fictitious social media profile cited in Delphi murder investigation, Transcript refers to conversations 'anthony_shots' had with murdered Delphi teen, Lafayette girl found in basement says Chadwell sexually assaulted her, affidavit shows, Is Abby and Libbys killer one of Delphis own? ", DELPHI MURDERS: INDIANA MAN REPORTEDLY IN CUSTODY IN CONNECTION WITH 2017 KILLINGS OF 2 GIRLS. Logan reached out to a family member the following morning on February 14 and asked them to tell police about his trip the previous day, and to say he returned home between 5pm and 5:30pm. The probable cause affidavit for Kline's 30 charges in Miami County indicated police first interviewed him on Feb. 25, 2017 12 days after the girls were killed. A subpoena for an IP address led to another address in Peru, Indiana, and a second search warrant found Kline and his father there. . The FBI also wanted to check for cameras or anything where photos or videos could be stored. Police have not released any information on Allen's arrest or his background at this time. Their idea grewinto the L&A Park Foundation, a nonprofit created to oversee theconstruction of a $1 millionpark, including three ball fields, an amphitheater and playgrounds. Those things will be what eventually helps to solve the murders, but they are chilling nonetheless. has learned that, shortly after his arrest, one of Allen's neighbors recalled seeing police digging in his yard. On July 23, 2019 a suspect who had been wanted for the kidnapping and rape in Tippecanoe County was named as one of multiple suspects being investigated for the Williams and German murders, according to Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby. A bunch of other stuff happens and delays things . DELPHI, Ind. New developments were released Wednesday in the murder mystery of the two girls, who went for a hike on Valentine's Day in 2017 on the popular Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi when they went missing. Abby Williams (pictured) and German were killed in February 2017. A newly unsealed affidavit offered new details in the mysterious 2017 Delphi murders. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. A bond hearing for Allen, who is currently being held without bond, has been set for February 17 and he is set to go to trial March 20, 2023. 'The Murder Sheet' podcast: Could water search be linked to Delphi murder investigation? He denies murdering the girls, and said his father could be involved, In December, police revealed the girls may have been communicating with someone online using these photos. Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter announces during a news conference in Delphi, Indiana, Oct. 31, 2022, the arrest of Richard Allen, 50, for the murders of two teenage girls killed during a 2017 hiking trip. The images and recording came from German's cellphone, officials said. The affidavit indicates that Logan, who died in January 2022, lied to investigators. He has been described as wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket or coat and a hoodie. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. Rebecca Rosenberg is a veteran journalist and book author with a focus on crime and criminal justice. On February 14, 2017, two teenage females, Abigail, 'Abby,' Williams and Liberty 'Libby,' German, from the town Delphi, Indiana were pronounced dead. Posed, which I believe is what this scene is, that is for the offenders gratification.. Director of Atlantas Cold Case Research Institute and Atlanta metro-area CSI, Sheryl McCollum, said she believes the killer likely posed the victims bodies, instead of staging, for a form of gratification. He is not a suspect in the murder, according to FOX 59. That is when they discovered the fake anthony_shots profile, soliciting minor girls online. He told a cousin to say that a friend had picked him up and taken him to a fish store between 2.00pm and 2.30pm and that he didn't return home until 5.30pm. In 2019, detectives said they suspected that the man in the photo was navigating the same trail on the day the girls went missing. Abigail "Abby" Williams, 13, and Liberty "Libby" German, 14, disappeared on February 13 after being dropped off to go hiking near the Monon High Bridge. Rishi Sunak warns MPs they can't trust 'Mr 2nd Referendum' Keir Starmer on Brexit in meeting with backbench DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Rishi Sunak's vaunted Brexit deal could be a landmark achievement, Rishi's deal gives Brexit a second chance. The girls' slayings as well as the blizzard of news coverage, social media speculation and bits of chilling evidence released in the case, have tormentedand captivated Hoosiers and other Americans even this many years after the crimes. Teenagers collapsed with inconsolable tears into their parents' arms five years ago outside of the Delphi Fire Station, where searchers regrouped after they learned that. A search of Logan's property in March 2017 turned up a receipt timestamped 5:21pm from a town 30 minutes from his house, making his return home at the time he reported in his alibi doubtful. A composite sketch of the suspect from 2019, left, and the earlier sketch from 2017, far right. Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen remains in custody, and prosecutors say it is possible he did not act alone, A photo shows Richard Allen, 50, smiling with his wife - while over his shoulder, a police sketch strongly resembling him is posted on the wall inside Bob Matlock's bar, Both Allen and Kline are alleged to have had ties to Ron Logan (pictured) who authorities previously pegged as a suspect in the case after the girls' bodies were found on his property. Logan died in 2020, and was never formally named as a suspect in the February 2017 murders. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Full story: . After 3 years with no arrests, police say case isn't cold, Augmented reality app might help find Delphi teens' killer, HLN explores Delphi murders in new podcast. A knock on Chadwell's door by police officers interrupted his sexual assault of the girl he had locked in his basement, forcing him to quickly dress and answer the door, according to prosecutors. Are Delphi murders a cold case? Authorities announced Monday the arrest of Richard Allen, center, for the murders of Libby German, left, and her best friend, Abby Williams, in Feb. 2017. The arrest of Richard Allen only further illustrates that message, as many noted his name has not been one of the many discussed previously on social media or podcasts. Allen, 50, who worked as a pharmacy technician at CVS in Delphi, a town of about 3,000 people, has been charged with two counts of murder. Oct. 31, 2022 An Indiana man has been charged with murder in the deaths of two teenage girls in Delphi, Ind., more than five years after their bodies were found near an abandoned rail bridge,. A brief clip of the man walking towards the girls on the Monon High Bridge Trail was released too.
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